GpuMagick main user interface. This graphical user interface is essentially a way to send commands to GpuMagick via command line.
GpuMagick, main user interface

The popular GPU stress test FurMark is included in GpuMagick in OpenGL and Vulkan.
GpuMagick, FurMark, GPU stress test - OpenGL

TessMark: a simple OpenGL and Vulkan tessellation stress test and benchmark.
GpuMagick, TessMark, tessellation stress test - Vulkan

GiMark is an OpenGL Geometry Instancing stress test: 500k cubes are rendered in this demo.
GpuMagick, GiMark, Geometry Instancing stress test - OpenGL

GsMark is an OpenGL Geometry Shader stress test: the geometry is generated on the fly by the GPU GS stage.
GpuMagick, GsMark, Geometry Shader stress test - OpenGL

PlasMark is an OpenGL Compute Shader stress test: a plasma is simulated with 2-million particles.
GpuMagick, PlasMark, Compute Shader stress test - OpenGL

GrassMark is another Geometry Instancing test but this time with Alpha to Coverage antialiasing.
GpuMagick, GrassMark, Geometry Instancing stress test - OpenGL

RhodiumLC is a pure math test: it's a 100% procedural graphics generated by a GLSL pixel shader.
GpuMagick, RhodiumLC, 100% pixel shader stress test - OpenGL