What is GPU Magick?
gpumagick.com is a website dedicated to the GPU Magick utility. GPU Magick is a graphics card utility that can be used to stress test a GPU or to test the OpenGL or Vulkan support via several graphics tests. It is also a handly graphics benchmark with online scores. GPU Magick is the successor of GpuTest, a graphics card utility stopped in 2014 (and that is still used today!).

GPU Magick is based on the GeeXLab engine and is available on several platforms: Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi OS (arm64) and even macOS.

GPU Magick is currently in development but you can already test it by downloading FurMark 2, a derivative project. FurMark 2 can be seen as a limited version of GPU Magick with only one graphics test: FurMark!

About the Author
--Jerome Guinot-- but I'm better known under the nickname JeGX. I'm the developer of all utilities you can download here or from Geeks3D.com. I'm now living in France (after a many years in Switzerland). You can contact me in french or english using the email address available in my tools, or via a DM in twitter or via Discord.